About GMAT Test:

GMAT Stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT is used by many graduate schools of business and management as a criterion in considering application for admission to the school’s graduate programs. With a good score in GMAT it becomes easier to obtain admission, teaching assistance-ship and merit-based scholarships.

The GMAT measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of students. The GMAT is a four-hour computer-adaptive test. Your performance on previous questions determines which question you’ll be asked next. Questions that appear early in the exam impact your score more than those appearing at the end of the exam.

 Analytical Writing
The Analytical Writing Section has two essays. One asks students to “analyze an issue,” the other asks them to “analyze an
 Verbal Section
The Verbal Section consists of sentence correction questions, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning exercises.
 Quantitative Section
The Quantitative Section tests high-school level math. The students are required to be familiar with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

GMAT Test Structure:

VerbalMathematicalAnalytical Writing
Total no. of Questions41382
Time75 mins.75 mins.60 mins.
Full Score8008006.0

GMAT Verbal Question Types:

Questions on the GMAT can appear quite daunting at first glance. They are, as a matter of fact, more difficult that question types on other tests but quality instruction at Global Village can help you overcome that obstacle. The following are the 3 verbal question types and the areas they test:

Critical ReasoningSentence CorrectionReading ComprehensionAnalytical Writing
Abilities testedTo reason clearly and logicallyFamiliarity with advanced theories of structure and written expression and usageThe ability to synthesize information from text and make inferences and come to conclusionsThe ability to evaluate an argument and the ability to construct a persuasive case in favour of or against an issue

GMAT Scoring:

The GMAT has a cumulative score of 800 for the quantitative and verbal sections and a score from 0.0- to 6.0 for the writing.

So, to summarize it all the verbal GMAT will have 41 questions with 800 marks and the Quantitative GMAT will have 38 questions and 800 marks. The average will be calculated for your cumulative score.

Most larger and more reputed Graduate schools require a certain score in the GMAT. Many small state universities and medium Liberal Arts colleges will require about 400 and above. There are also many large State Universities that will accept you if you have a score of 500 and above. 650 and above should be enough to squeeze into Ivy League schools and more than that will only strengthen your chances.

Course Duration & Fees:

Our GMAT preparation course lasts for 8 weeks. Every week there is an hour of class everyday from Sunday to Thursday. Saturday is a holiday whereas Friday is for full-length testing. Of Course, the Self Access Library and the Self Access Lab are open from morning to evening and you are most welcome to spend as much time as you want in them.

We offer excellent GMAT preparation training to students who intend to study and win scholarship, assistantship or fellowship in US colleges or universities at graduate levels in Business and Management. Our teachers are both familiar with the content of the test and are skilled and competent to help test takers get higher scores.

The total course fee is NRP 9,500 which doesn’t include examination registration fees. All students must pay in full before they start the course. Refund is possible when students are not satisfied with our teaching. The claim of refund must be made no later than attending the first class. Global Village will deduct NRP 500 while making refund. Students should return all the materials taken from Global Village before they get the refund.

Student Facilities:

  • Hi Tech tools that makes life easier in the classroom.
  • Free access to internet from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a high speed internet service.
  • Self access library where you have access to study books, listen CD player, scan, print, study, surf educational sites, interact with teachers with a air conditioned room.
  • VCD, DVD, Novels and preparation books can be borrowed from a limited time by Global Village students.

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