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About Volunteering

About Volunteering:


Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV while doing something that is not only worthwhile and rewarding but can also be a completely life changing experience. Thousands of volunteers are needed all over the world to provide assistance with children in need, aged care centre, endangered animals, as well as teaching and various other community and conservation projects.


Taking part in a Global Village’s Volunteer Exchange Programme will not only change your life but can also help you play part in changing the lives of others. If you are taking a gap year or taking time out to travel and see the world, taking part in one of Global Village’s Volunteer projects is a great way to experience local cultures and traditions and the real way of life on a totally different level.


Travelling around the world and seeing all the famous tourist sights is one way of seeing and experiencing the world, however, volunteering offers a completely different insight into the world. Mature volunteers make an important contribution to volunteer projects around the world. As a mature volunteer you are likely to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to any volunteer project as well as a certain level of maturity.

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