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General English

About General English:


Being an international language, English proficiency is regarded as a mandatory skill of individual seeking lucrative careers. As the importance of learning English is ever increasing, new methods of teaching and learning English as a foreign language are being adopted by language trainers. We understand that learning English is more than just grammar and vocabulary. We understand that you want an English language training course that allows you to communicate confidently and fluently at home or at work. At Global Village we offer quality English language courses to students and professionals. We offer a range of English language courses to suit your professional, academic or general English needs. We cater for all levels from beginners to proficiency level. Students are required to sit for a level test (proficiency test) prior to their enrolments in the course.

The following are the levels in the ascending order.

Elementary Level

Pre-intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

Upper Intermediate Level

Pre-advanced Level

Advanced Level


Course Duration & Fee:


Each level of our General English Language course lasts for 8 weeks. Every week there is an hour of class everyday from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a holiday. Of Course, the Self Access Library and the Self Access Lab are open from morning to evening and you are most welcome to spend as much time as you want in them.

Our General English classes are run by well qualified teachers. The total course fee for each level is NRP 8,000. We do not charge extra for proficiency test. All students must pay in full before they start the course. Refund is possible when students are not satisfied with our teaching. The claim of refund must be made no later than attending the first class. Global Village will deduct NRP 500 while making refund. Students should return all the materials taken from Global Village before they get the refund.


Course Start Date:

Admissions are open every Single Sunday all you have to do is just come over and register any day of the week for a class at your convenient time and start the class the following Monday.


Student Facilities:


§          Hi Tech tools that makes life easier in the classroom.

§          Free access to internet from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a high speed internet service.

§          Self access library where you have access to study books, listen CD player, scan, print, study, surf educational sites, interact with teachers with a air conditioned room.

§          VCD, DVD, Novels and preparation books can be borrowed from a limited time by Global Village students.

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