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About Korean Language:


Outside of the Korean peninsula, there are about two million people in China who speak Korean as their first language, another two millions in the United States, 700,000 in Japan, and 500,000 in the Russian regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As many Nepalese are going to Korea for study and work, there has been a significant increment in the number of students who want to learn Korean. To meet the expectation of all these students, Orbit International Education conducts Korean language classes at various levels.


Targeted Students:


Korean Language Course at Global Village is designed to fulfill the need of two categories of students: individuals who are trying to work in Korea and the students who are planning to go to Korea for their study. In addition, we conduct short-term course on Korean as required by professionals from various fields who are visiting Korea for specific purpose.


This course has an integrated curriculum, providing students with the chance to learn much more than just the fundamentals of Korean grammar. We teach students how to integrate into Korean society, and how to interact with Korean people in both casual and formal situations. By combining our language lessons with the study of Korean culture and traditions, students are immersed in the Korean way of life.


Teachers of the programs have got mastery in teaching Korean as a foreign language. Up-to date, carefully selected materials are used in class, giving participants valuable information on modern-day Korean culture and society while at the same time developing their language and communication skills.


Level of Courses:



This level is for participants who have never learned Korean or who have learned a few words but cannot express themselves in complete sentences. Classes focus on introducing basic vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, and simple texts. Phonetics exercises and drills ensure that participants learn correct pronunciation and intonation.

This level is for those who have learned a few words but cannot express themselves in complete sentences. Classes focus on building participants' vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. Class work includes everyday topics and participants are encouraged to converse and express themselves using basic sentence structures

This level is for those who have learned Korean, have a grasp of simple sentence structures, and have learned basic grammar systematically. Classes focus on improving participants' vocabulary, sentence structures, listening, reading, and speaking skills. Written exercises include composing simple letters, short essays and reports. Phonetics exercises and drills ensure that participants learn the correct pronunciation and intonation.


Course Duration & Fee:


Each level of our Korean Language course lasts for 6 Weeks. Every week there is an hour of class everyday from Sunday to Friday. Saturday is a holiday. Of Course, the Self Access Library and the Self Access Lab are open from morning to evening and you are most welcome to spend as much time as you want in them.


Our Korean Language classes are run by well qualified teachers. The total course fee for each level of Course is NRP 7,000. We do not charge extra for our proficiency test. All students must pay in full before they start the course. Refund is possible when students are not satisfied with our teaching. The claim of refund must be made no later than attending the first class. Global Village will deduct NRP 500 while making refund. Students should return all the materials taken from Global Village before they get the refund.


Course Start Date:

Admissions are open every Single Sunday all you have to do is just come over and register any day of the week for a class at your convenient time and start the class the following Monday.


Student Facilities:


·        Hi Tech tools that makes life easier in the classroom.

·        Free access to internet from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a high speed internet service.

·        Self access library where you have access to study books, listen CD player, scan, print, study, surf educational sites, interact with teachers with a air conditioned room.

·        VCD, DVD, Novels and preparation books can be borrowed from a limited time by Global Village students.

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